The Traits of Web 2.0 Sites List

web 2.0

In the internet world we know about web 2.0 sites list which is a website that allows the interaction among owners and users with concepts that are more convenient and flexible. As the hallmark of web 2.0, it is a website created with full CSS that makes it more easily accessed, light and do not take up a lot of resources. So when the website is accessed by a user, then this site will open quickly as if such applications have been installed on the computer.

The term web 2.0 is used to describe internet applications in this new generation that revolutionizes the way we use the internet. All these applications bring us into a new chapter of internet usage that is different from the previous generation in the mid 1990s. Tim O’Reilly in his book entitled What is Web 2.0 explained the meaning and features of web 2.0 are. The traits of web 2.0 sites list are:

• The Web is used as platform
• Strength lies in data
• Have a rich UI

Web 2.0 such as directory submission sites list uses the web as a platform. Platform is a place where an application is running. An example of the famous platform is Windows, where there are applications such as Microsoft Office. Using the internet as a platform means that applications run directly on the internet and not in one particular operating system. As the example is Google, a search engine which can be accessed from any operating system. There is no restriction in web 2.0 to be run in various other operating systems such as Linux, Windows, or Mac and we do not even have to install anything to use this application.

The power of rss feed sites list which utilizes web 2.0 is located on the data. Internet applications are always backed by a powerful data base and unique. Google as an example has the power that lays in the data collection and management of web pages on the Internet. Another example is Amazon that has the book data completed with ratings and links to other books, and so on. This means a superior company is a company that controls the data.

Web 2.0 sites list has a rich user interface (UI) while running inside the browser. Technologies like AJAX allow internet applications opened in short time and has very intuitive UI similar to the applications installed in our computer. Email application from Google’s which is Gmail is one of the webs 2.0 which has a revolutionary user interface.