The Best Strategy to Put Ads’ of Google Adsense

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Google has managed to create a great program that is popular with many people, Google Adsense. The program is being hunted by bloggers, webmasters and online business. Some of them may have been rejected by Google, but not a few who achieved success with Adsense program. If you are successful, including beginners, in a month might be pocketed $ 50 to $ 100. To obtain this success, you need proven strategies in running Adsense. Therefore, without having a strategy, run Adsense will not give any results.

Many bloggers and webmasters always share success strategies of Google Adsense. The advice given is diverse; starting from content updates intensively, many backlinks and others. Not all people have the ease when registering their site for Adsense program. There is someone who rejected his account filings up to 5x. This is because Google looks at the strategies you use to run this program. If you do not have any strategy, then be prepared to be rejected by Google. Note the description of the following strategies to successfully run Adsense.

Menu navigation strategy

This strategy focuses on specific Google Adsense ad formats, namely horizontal link unit. Most Internet users think that the site is near a banner is navigation. In other words, you deceive visitors to create display ads such as navigation. To optimize it, you are not required to have a navigation menu at the top or at the bottom of the Adsense ads. You can put internal navigation menu on the right or left of a website.

When you adjust the placement of Google Adsense ads on your site, apply it as a menu in the navigation, so visitors will click on the horizontal and looking for more information. When implementing this strategy, avoid placing the image directly above or below the navigation Adsense ads. This could lower the rank of your site. Because visitors will focus see the big picture rather than pay attention to the link, which is near the image. Important factors that need to be considered before implementing this strategy is to provide a small margin (about 5 pixels each) between the upper and lower elements of the Adsense ads. It will facilitate the movement of the eyes of visitors.

Near Pagerank tool strategy

This strategy is suitable to be applied as surefire steps to run Google Adsense when you have a web page pagerank tool. Your Adsense ads will be placed under an online tool that checks the pagerank. When the user enters the URL of the page of your site, this online tool aka returns the number of backlinks. You can also place the Adsense code below this instrument. This strategy started by some people when he saw the condition of the visitors who were getting tired and bored when browsing a web page.

This step can be used for those of you who have a paid site. Take approximately 10 page visits. View each page on your site and place Adsense ads are different. Then give this online tool on any website you have. This online tool is becoming the most powerful way to show the rate of movement to your website. Thus, you will get the most out of Google Adsense. People really like to get a lot of money from Google, so that various strategies were created.

Page design strategy

When you run a Google Adsense, it is advisable to learn how to beautify the appearance of the site, ranging from the theme to the widget. To attract more visitors, of course you have to have a site that is neat and comfortable place to visit. In this strategy, you are also asked to design the page as possible. Maximum results obtained by placing Adsense after the article or near the end of the page. You can add a pituitary form of writing to attract the reader’s interest in exploring the information. For example, give persuasive phrase ‘More related information in this site’.

However, this method can not be applied on all types of sites, especially those that have little content. At least, a blogger or webmaster should update intensive content with the number of words 400 – 800. One way to optimize this strategy is to increase the font size on the title and provide the most effective keywords. This method can be an appropriate strategy in running Google Adsense when you are able to attract visitors to search for more information. That’s where you will run ads that are likely to be clicked by the visitor.

Getting ‘reward’ strategy

This method arises from the fact that every person browsing more frequently using a smartphone or tab. The device that carries the touch screen can give a great gift for you when visitors do not accidentally give click on the Google Adsense ads. Place AdSense ads near the top margin. When visitors browsing, they can just give click on the ads that you put in there.

How to apply this method to get a gift from Google Adsense is as follows:

• Place an ad block at the top of the web page,
• Minimize the gap between the Adsense ads and tabs above,
• Make the ad as beautiful as possible to attract the attention of visitors,
• Always monitor your site after applying this method. If not found significant changes, find issues contained therein.