Growth your Online Nursery Plant with Homemade Composting


“Growth your Online Nursery Plant with Homemade Composting”

Online nursery plant is a great way to order a plant that suits your taste. But, simply having it is totally different than taking care of it. You need to take good care of your plant by different kind of way from regular watering and also give it some fertilizer. There is no need to buy a chemical fertilizer from the nearest store if you can make it on your own. Homemade composting has grown into a trend this day, since basically everyone can do it in their one house, even if they only have little space in their yard.

There are plenty advantages that you can enjoy from working on your homemade composting project. The first advantage is of course you don’t have to spend money just to buy a fertilizer. Next, you only use things that most likely are already available in your house. By making your own compost, you also reduce the amount of waste in your trash can. It will do well not only for you but also for the environment. Don’t forget if you manage to make it work, then you will feel totally satisfied and that is something that will make you feel so much better.

Items for Composting

First of all, you need to prepare the material that you are going to compost. There are all sort of thing that you can use, and here are some examples of that:

• Shredded papers of all kind
• Crushed egg shells
• Tea bag
• Vegetable scraps
• Wood
• Unused coffee ground
• Newspaper
• Leaves
• Hair
• Stale bread
• Old herbs and spices, and many more

Basically you can use any sort of unused thing in your house that will degrade through time. Those items will add your compost pile everyday and you don’t have to worry that you will running out of it.

Composting Process

How do you start composting once you have all the material? You need to prepare something to hold all those items. It can be a hole in the ground or perhaps a big and tall bucket. All you need to do is to dump all the items into the ground (or into the bucket). Compost will break down efficiently if it has good balance of dry and moist items. If it is too dry, you can water them once in a while to keep it moist but not soaking. If it is too wet (it will be smelly), then you need to add more dry items such as paper or cardboard.

You also need to turn the pile periodically to add more oxygen to it. The oxygen will help to break down the pile into compost. Once in a while you need to check on your pile and make sure that it was warm in the middle. Sufficient heat is needed to create good compost pile. It also will kill any pathogen that exists in the pile. If you think that the pile is too cold, you can add more grass clipping on the pile. It will give the heat that will jump start the whole composting process.

You don’t much space to work on this project. Simply use the small space in the corner of your yard. In 6 months or perhaps less than that, you will see that your pile has turn into compost that you can use to fertilize the plant you got from the online nursery. You can make two pile of compost to make sure that you never run out of compost. Working on your household composting project is a rewarding project, not only for you but also for your plant and the environment. Visit: